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The "Quintessential" Calistoga Hotel - relaxed and inviting.

About Carlin Cottages

Carlin Cottages has been family-owned and operated for 2 generations.

In 1994, Dennis and Lorrie Carlin came up from San Francisco to purchase the multi-unit property at the top of Napa Valley in the quiet, friendly town of Calistoga.


Over the past 25 years all six of their children have been involved in one way or another including the renovation of the property and running the day to day business.  Dennis & Matthew helped in the remodel, Georgi, Julie and Erin designed the landscape, Georgi and her family ran the business for many years and in 2017 the youngest Carlin daughter, Gena, became the on-site manager.

You will still find all family members visiting the Cottage Court from time to time including Dennis and Lorrie, sitting together on the front porch enjoying a Calistoga afternoon.


Dennis and Lorrie Carlin

About Calistoga

In 1872, San Francisco millionaire Sam Brannan was drawn to the region by tales of mineral waters with "healing powers".


The visionary quickly began fulfilling his dream by building a hot springs resort to rival Saratoga Springs which catered to wealthy east coast visitors from all over the world.

Thus Calistoga was founded.

Fast forward to today and Calistoga is still a world-renowned destination for it's healing waters and, the town conveniently sits smack dab in the middle of the finest wine growing regions in the world - the Napa & Sonoma Valleys.


With the richness and abundance the area has to offer, Calistoga still remains a low-key, small town happy to welcome visitors from all over the world.

And Carlin Country Cottages is the "quintessential" Calistoga hotel offering that small town hospitality.

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